Casimir Ernest Gasser for Deerskin

Casimir Ernest Gasser is a Canadian artist born and raised in a rural farming environment, currently living and working in the city of Montreal. Coinciding with the closing of his solo exhibition "Lyric" at Apartment 13 Gallery, Deerskin planned to produced a special edition of t-shirts featuring artwork from the show and an edition of work shirts cut from a custom printed fabric featuring artwork by Casimir exclusively for Deerskin.

At the opening of "Lyric" on December 10, 2022, Apartment 13 Gallery released a "bootleg" edition of the unreleased Deerskin t-shirts to be sold exclusively in-person for $20, each signed with unique hand-drawn illustrations by Casimir himself. The "real" t-shirts and work shirts made in collaboration by Casimir Ernest Gasser and Dylan Matsuno for Deerskin were later released at the closing of "Lyric" on January 28, 2023.