Parker Ito for Deerskin
Coinciding with his solo exhibition "medievl Times 〘2〙" at YAYA, Viable Instanbul, Parker Ito designed a t-shirt exclusively for Deerskin.

"Nikkei" defines a Japanese emigrant or descendant thereof who is not a citizen of Japan. Our t-shirts designed in collaboration with Parker Ito feature the Ito "kamon", or traditional Japanese family crest, alongside the Deerskin crest which as been religiously printed on the back of every t-shirt, aloha shirt, and jacket made by Dylan Matsuno since 2020; the origin of such crests date back to the 11th century where they were also featured on garments. Parker Ito and Dylan Matsuno are both "Yonsei", or fourth-generation Japanese-American, making this a 100% Nikkei collaboration.