Joshua Boulos for Deerskin

Joshua Boulos is a Hawaiian artist and co-owner of Apartment 13 Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island with Baijun Chen. Upon seeing Deerskin at their high school campus in 2014, Boulos began trading his homemade zines with Dylan Matsuno in exchange for Deerskin t-shirts. Artwork by Boulos has been featured on Deerskin t-shirts since 2015.

When revamping Deerskin after a yearlong hiatus, Matsuno and Boulos reconnected to work together on the first project for a new Deerskin, a t-shirt and work shorts personally handmade by Matsuno. The artwork featured on the garments by Boulos were based on conversations between the two throughout the yearlong hiatus, visually communicating what Matsuno termed "contemplating Deerskincide".